FaceTime App Download for Android, iPhone, Windows PC

FaceTime App which is a video telephony software for the iOS and Mac OS. With FaceTime Download users can make video and audio calls with Face Time Android. Install it from this official guide.

FaceTime is a very popular application for the iOS platform which you can use for video calling your friends and contacts. It is not only used for video calling but also voice calling and chatting. Shall we see the method of FaceTime App Download for iOS and other platforms as well?

Smartphones took the way we interacted with others up a notch with the advancement in technology. With front-facing cameras in every smartphone, video calling became a reality and you could see the face of the person talking from the other side. And that too became more advanced with time.

FaceTime App is one of the pioneer applications that started the trend. Today in this article, we are going to have a thorough discussion on the app, how to download it, what its features are and other things.

FaceTime App

FaceTime App Introduction:

Starting the article directly with the FaceTime download methods wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. So, to make things better and smooth, we will start off this discussion with a simple topic. Knowing a little about FaceTime App would go a long way when we start to download and install the app on our devices.

FaceTime is an application developed by Apple Inc. for iOS and Mac OS devices. It is available for mobile devices that run on iOS 7 and newer and Mac computers that run on Mac OS X 10.6.6 onwards. So, to use this app, you have to have an iOS device or a Macintosh computer. Otherwise, no matter what you do, using it will forever remain a dream.

FaceTime iPhone was announced by the then Apple CEO Steve Jobs, on June 7, 2010, in conjunction with the iPhone 4’s unveiling. It is also available for iPods and iPads and was subsequently released for the two of them. FaceTime Download comes inbuilt with the iOS Devices while earlier you would have to download it for $0.99.

FaceTime App has some great features and they work without a hitch. While not all of them may be flashy, but they are what set the standards for the video calling apps to come. So, let’s see what this app is made of and what it can do.

FaceTime for Android

Download FaceTime for Android

As I have already explained, FaceTime App is only available for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. But there is no way, that you could get the video calling app for the Android platform. As of now, it isn’t compatible with any non-iOS device so you will have to make do with any one of the other video calling apps that are available for Android.

To make up for the unavailability of FaceTime for Android, we have gathered a few alternative apps. These apps are somewhat similar in functionality and features so that you wouldn’t feel any difference when using them. Without any further ado, let’s see which other apps you could use to fill the gap of FaceTime Download for Android.


  • Google Hangouts:

    • Just as Apple made its very own application for iOS devices, Google did the same and made Hangouts for Android. To make up for it, they even added a ton of features that make it a worthy competitor to FaceTime for Android.
    • It lets you chat with your friends and contacts in the same way that the iOS app does. You can also make audio calls, video calls, and even text messages using this app. It is very famous among the Android users around the globe. Unlike FaceTime iPhone, Google has made this app available to all platforms including iOS.
    • The app also lets you send stickers from the app’s very own collection so that you can spice up the conversation and make it more memorable. You can even let your friends know where you are by sending your location. Download Hangouts

Skype Android

  • Skype

    • Skype is another alternative to FaceTime for Android that has been in the game for far longer than anyone else. It is highly popular among smartphone users and also PC users who use computers for video chatting. So much so that organizations use this app for meetings and interviews too.
    • If you already have an account on a PC, then you don’t need to make a separate account for your mobile device. You just need to have a Microsoft Account and that’s it. Skype is free to download and use on Android. Download Skype

Viber For Android

  • Viber:

    • Viber is also one of the best alternatives to FaceTime Download on Android. You can get the application for free on the Play Store. It has more features crammed in it than any other similar app.
    • You can make high-quality audio and video calls to your friends and also chat with them using messages. You can even send media like photos, videos, stickers, GIFs, etc. So that makes it all the better choice among the alternatives.
    • Users can make a group of up to 250 people at once and even like each other’s messages and texts. Record and send videos of up to 30 seconds in length. You can delete a message even after you’ve sent it in case you sent a risky one to your crush! Download Viber
  • IMO:

    • IMO is one of the popular video calling apps for Android alike. It is relatively easy to use and has great features. You can make video and audio calls as usual, and also chat with the person on the other side with the help of text messages.
    • The best thing about this app is that you can chat while the video call is still in place, a feature that you may not find in any other app. You can send unlimited texts to your friends without incurring any messaging charges.
    • Send stickers to your friends or in group chats. And on top of all that, all the calls and messages are encrypted. Download IMO

So, these were the alternatives to FaceTime for Android that you could try them out to see which one suits you better. Nevertheless, all of them are great and will no doubt serve the purpose of making high-quality video and audio calls and some other features that I bet you won’t get with FaceTime iPhone.

FaceTime iPhone

FaceTime iPhone Download

You all know by now that FaceTime App is only available for the iOS and Mac OS platform. In short, you can only use it on Apple devices. So, that means you won’t have any trouble using it if you have an iPhone or any other iOS device. FaceTime comes as an inbuilt feature in iOS devices like iPhone and the iPod. So you don’t need to worry about downloading the app and install it all over again.

So you don’t need to worry about downloading the app and install it all over again. But in some cases, you won’t be able to find FaceTime on your iOS device or it may not be activated. Whatever the case, here is what you have to do if you encounter that kind of situation.

  • The first thing you gotta do is to make sure that your device supports FaceTime. Some devices bought from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or Pakistan, may not have the app or it might not appear.
  • In that case, go to Settings, General, and enter the Restrictions section. Make sure Camera and FaceTime are turned on and if they aren’t, turn them on.
  • Search FaceTime in Spotlight or just ask Siri to find it for you.
  • If you or someone else has removed the app, then you need to restore it.
  • Go to the App Store and search for “FaceTime” exactly the way it is written here.
  • Then click on the cloud icon with down arrow to restore the app. It looks like this:Download

That is it for FaceTime Download for iPhone. The method is going to be the same for every iOS device. You might need to update your iOS version to the latest one because that also can be the reason for the app not working. Other than that, you don’t have to worry much.

Facetime for PC

FaceTime for Windows PC Download

FaceTime may be one of the flashiest features of the Apple ecosystem till date and people have been going crazy over this app. It is one of the best video calling apps till date and may still be for the coming years. It is available for all the iOS devices and that includes the Mac computers.

Naturally, users might wonder whether it is possible to use FaceTime for Windows PC or not. The answer may break your heart, but there is no possible way to use it on a Windows PC; at least not at the time of writing this.

But there is a way around that. FaceTime is not the only video calling app that you can find. There are a lot of alternative apps and we are going to see exactly that.

  • Glide:

    • This Windows app comes with a twist on the general video calling apps. Sure, you can make a video call to your friends, but on top of that, you can also record small clips and send them to your friends.
    • Add in the feature to have a group chat with up to 50 people and you have got yourself a great alternative to FaceTime PC. It works on Android, Windows, and iOS. Get it from here.
  • iMovicha:

    •  This is a similar app to the ones mentioned above in this section. You can make video calls using the app on your Android, iOS, or Windows phones and on Windows PC too. With cross-platform support like this, you won’t miss FaceTime Download for PC anymore. Download iMovicha.
  • Skype:

    • It is one of the most widely used and most well-known video chatting apps. It might as well be the one to make video apps popular the way they are now. You can even record calls and there are some features that you can buy for a small amount. The app comes inbuilt on the latest versions of Windows but if you want to download it; this is the link.

This must be enough FaceTime for Windows PC alternatives. I am sure that you will find one of these a good choice for your video calling needs. FaceTime PC might not be available for the PC platform but you can bet that these apps won’t let you down either.

FaceTime for Mac

Download FaceTime on Mac

It may be one of the trademark apps from Apple Inc. that shaped the video calling apps in the years to come, but it is not free for the Mac OS X. It comes pre-installed with Mac OS after the 10.7 version, but it is also available on the Mac App Store.

Even if FaceTime Downlaod App comes pre-installed on them, you can uninstall it and install it again. If by any chance you have uninstalled the app, then you can install it using this method.

  • FaceTime is available on the Mac OS Store for ₹80 or $0.99. And if you can shell out that much, no worries.
  • If you need the application, you will have to shell out that much and it is not much of an amount.
  • First of all, click this link to go directly to the download page of FaceTime App on the Mac App Store.

FaceTime for Mac OS X

  • After that, click on the price button beneath the app’s rating.
  • Complete the payment method and pay the amount required.
  • Once you have paid the amount, you will see the button will change to “Install App”.
  • Click on it to install FaceTime App right away on your Mac.

The installation will begin and will be over in a couple of seconds. Once everything is over properly, you will find the app on the launch pad of your Mac. You can open FaceTime with a single click and enjoy video calling.

FaceTime from iPhone to Android

Facetime for Android to iPhone

It is an established fact by now, that you won’t be able to do FaceTime Download on your Android device. So the title of this section won’t make much sense to you. We will put it in much simpler words. Not having the FaceTime App on Android doesn’t prevent you from making a video call to an iPhone user.

Android users still can chat with their fellow iPhone users with apps that run on both Android and iOS. Google Hangouts is a prime example of that kind of app. If both persons have the app, then there’ll be no qualms in having a video call.

  • The first step includes downloading and installing the app from the respective app stores of both platforms.
  • After that, open the app and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, make one here.
  • Once that step is over, you have to focus on making a call to the person with the iPhone on the other end.
  • When you open the app, you will see a little “+” icon near the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Tap on it and you will see two options: “New conversation” and “New Video Call”.
  • Select the one you like and it will open the respective screen.
  • Now you can find your friend by adding his or her name or Email ID.

The only step that remains now is to add your friends and send them a message to start up a conversation with them. So, even without FaceTime download possible, you can video chat with your friends having an iOS device.

Is FaceTime Free

Is FaceTime Free?

Now, this question might be a little bit confusing because there is not just one answer to it. As we have already seen, FaceTime is available as an iOS only app that you can use on iOS and Mac OS devices. When you buy an iOS device or a Mac Computer, you get the app already installed in it.

FaceTime is available on the above-mentioned devices as a pre-installed app so you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing it separately. Now, the fact that you already have the app on your phone or PC when you buy it implies that it is free.

But it is also available on the Mac App Store as a paid app for a dollar. So, if by any chance you decide to uninstall the FaceTime App or remove it by mistake, you would have to get it from the store once again. Other than that, the app is completely free of charge without any in-app purchases.

How to use FaceTime

How to use FaceTime?

By now, we have completed all the FaceTime App download methods for most of the platforms. Now that we have the app, the one thing’s that left to do is to learn how to use it. While that may not be much hard of a task, it is inevitable.

Here are the few tips and gimmicks to help you with FaceTime to make video and audio calls and that too in a simple and effective manner.

Making a video or audio call:

  • The first thing you need to ascertain is that you need to have the phone number or their registered email address of the person that you want to talk to.
  • Now, open the FaceTime App and enter the person’s phone number or email.
  • You have to tap on the video or audio icon to start a call with that person. The icons are right beside the contact name.
  • If you already have the number or email address saved in your contacts, then you just have to type their name and make the call.

Switching to FaceTime from a normal call:

  • When you are in the midst of a call on your iPhone, then you can choose to switch to FaceTime iPhone if you want.
  • You just have to tap on the App’s icon on the calling screen during the call to switch.

FaceTime with call waiting:

  • This feature is for users having iOS 8 or later. It allows you to use call waiting during a FaceTime audio call.
  • When a call comes in while you are on a FaceTime audio call, you have three options.
    • Decline the incoming call.
    • Put your current call on hold and pick up the new one.
    • Hang up the current one and pick up the incoming one.

Turn off video during the call:

  • You have to first start or answer a FaceTime call.
  • During the call, long press on the home button on your iPhone and return to the home screen.
  • This will put the video on hold but the other person will continue to hear the audio. You can return to the call by tapping on the “Return” bar on the top of the screen.

Use Siri to place a FaceTime call

  • This is the easiest way to place a call if you get the hang of it.
  • Long Press the home button to actuate Siri or you can say “Hey Siri” for doing that.
  • After that, say Facetime [name of the person] to make the call. Or, you can say just FaceTime.
  • Siri will then ask you whether you want to make a video call or an audio call, and who you would like to call.

These were a couple of ways in which you can use FaceTime iPhone. These features are not only for the iPhone users but they also hold true for the rest of the Apple Devices too. The app has same features across iOS and Mac OS devices.

FaceTime for Samsung

FaceTime Download Samsung App:

I don’t know if I have said this enough or not but FaceTime is an Apple exclusive app. So, that means if you have a phone that is not an iPhone, you won’t get your hands on the FaceTime App. Get it? Not even if you have a high-end Samsung phone.

Samsung also runs on Android just like the majority of smartphones out there. Apple doesn’t make its apps available to other smartphone platforms and that has been the case from the start.The only iOS app that they have made available for Android is Apple Music and they did that in a bid to retain its iTunes customers.

There were talks of making FaceTime an open standard app so that it may be compatible with other video calling apps. But God only knows what happened to that. Anyways, we must not dwell on what we don’t have and so we will be seeing some of the alternatives to FaceTime Download App for Samsung.

We have already seen alternatives for Android, which is essentially the same thing. But we’ll do that again just for the sake of it and look at a few more.



  • If you are looking for something that can get you as close as possible FaceTime and you have a few friends that’ll scarper with you; then Tango is your best bet.
  • It was mainly designed for the Android platform and also has versions for iOS and Windows. But Android is its homeland and that is where it will work best.
  • Even on a Wi-Fi only device, you can communicate with the 200 million Tango users without the need of a cellular connection.
  • The app supports video and audio calls, text, chat, and media exchange. You can even send text messages and emails to your friends if you want to invite them over.



  •  It is one of the up-and-coming apps in the video calling space and it has gained a large user base in a short amount of time. It launched in 2007 for the first time for PCs and then ported to smartphones in 2011 on iOS and in 2013 to Android.
  • ooVoo has one of the most potent group-video chat interfaces and it can support group video calling of up to a dozen people.
  • The service is primarily free but comes with ads. You can buy the premium version and enjoy more features than the normal ones.

These two should be enough to get you an alternative to FaceTime for Android. Hey, who needs Apple anyways when you have these many Alternatives to make up for it. You just have to find the one that works best to suit your needs and get it on your Android device.

Facetime App Features

Features of Facetime APp

We have been talking about FaceTime app for so long now, but we haven’t yet gotten to the Features part yet. We saw how to download and install it on iOS and Mac OS and even how to use it to make calls, video and audio alike. After all that, it is now time to take a look at its features and what makes it so amazing.

  • It is one of the best video calling apps in the smartphone and Apple users really lucked out with FaceTime.
  • That is because FaceTime comes integrated with every iOS device that you buy. So it is an app that is limited to only the iOS users and not others.
  • Users can make video and audio calls using FaceTime App. Besides, you can make those calls across iOS and Mac devices seamlessly.
  • You can even switch from a normal call to a FaceTime call without much effort.
  • If another call comes in while you on a call, then you can either decline that call, end the current call and answer the new one or keep the current call on hold and pick up the incoming one.
  • The App also allows you to mute your audio in an ongoing call so that the other person doesn’t get any disturbance from your side if there is any.
  • FaceTime for iPhone doesn’t use your cellular connection to make calls. It relies on the Wi-Fi or the data to make audio and video calls.
  • You can even turn FaceTime App off if you are not in the mood for using the app for some time.

These were some of the features of the app that we thought you would find amusing. Apart from these, there are some more features that you will find out while using the app or we have already mentioned in the how-to-use section. I hope that you found this section to your liking.

FaceTime features
  1. iOS Exclusive: Available only for iOS devices and comes integrated with all iOS and Mac OS devices.
  2. Video Calls: Best Video calling for Apple devices with single tap calling feature.
  3. Quality: Crisp and crystal clear audio quality even on slow internet connection.
  4. No Cellular connection: If you have a Wi-Fi, why bother worrying about the cellular connection.
  5. User-Friendly: Easy to use and operate without any complex operations.
  6. Ease of Access: You can keep FaceTime running in the background while you open another app on your iPhone.
  7. Camera: You can choose to use either of the front or rear camera for calling with FaceTime.
  8. Updates: The app receives regular updates with improvements and new features.
  9. Security: Apple developers are trying to make the app as secure as possible to protect your conversations.
  10. Video and Audio: Users can opt for video or audio calls as they like.
  11. Audio Cancellation: You can easily mute out the audio while an ongoing call to avoid disturbances.
  12. Switch: Easily Switch between a normal call and FaceTime call and vice versa according to your convenience.

With this, we have covered all the features that you could find in Apple FaceTime iPhone. You will find all these features in the app once you start to use it. And we assure you that we are true to our word and you will find those features just the way we have described it in here.

To conclude our article on FaceTime App, we’d like to say that it is a fairly great app considering all of its features. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac, then I think you should enjoy every bit of the app while you can.

That brings us to the end of the article on FaceTime App Download for Android, iPhone, Windows PC. While the app is not available for the Android or any other platform other than Apple, it is obvious that you will find a lot of alternatives that can fill the gap. Well, this is farewell and if you need any help, find us at FaceTime.